How to Add a domain alias (pointer) in WebSite Panel

1. Login to WebSitePanel (this varies according to the server where your account is hosted on & it's link was already sent to you in the welcome email).
2. Click your Package
3. Click on Websites
4. Click on Web Site Name
5. Click on Add Web Site Pointer
6. Click on Add Domain
7. Enter the Domain Name and Click on Add domain Button
8. Select the newly created domain name and Click on Add Pointer

What is domain alias?

Domain Aliases allows you to assign more than one domain name to one web site with Action you can have an unlimited number of domains pointing to a single web site.

For example, if you have the domain "" set up as an alias to the hosting account for "," anyone browsing to "" will go to the "" Web site.

Note: Using Domain aliases can have a negative impact on your site raking in many search engines and thus you run the risk of losing a lot of traffic from visitors to your site who follow a search engine link. To avoid this you can use 301 redirect which is also supported by Action. Search engine spiders will transfer your page rank and update any back links to the old page onto the new page when you use a 301 redirect. The code "301" is interpreted as "moved permanently."

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